Set The Mood: Settle the kids with our calming routine this Valentine’s Day

Set The Mood: Settle the kids with our calming routine this Valentine’s Day

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Whether you’re looking forward to an exciting night on the town, a romantic dinner for two, or kid-free peace and quiet time at home, we’ve got a calming ritual to settle the kids for some much needed “just the two of us” time.

A calming ritual to gently clean without stripping moisture, to hydrate our littlest loves' beautiful melanated skin, and to set a calming mood with the gentle, natural scent of lavender chamomile.

STEP 1: Clean with Gentle Baby Bath

Use 2-3 pumps on a soft washcloth or hands and rub together to create a light foam. Unlike common washes, our baby wash is super gentle and produces fewer bubbles that won't strip skin of its natural moisture. Lather from head to toe and rinse. The light scent of lavender chamomile is just enough to calm you and your littlest love. Be sure to use warm water (never hot!) and pat dry.

Gentle Baby Wash • Lavender Chamomile

gentle baby wash

STEP 2: Moisturize with Hydrating Baby Lotion

Squeeze this lightweight all-over lotion in your palm and warm it between your hands. Apply all over the body, arms, and legs to promote perfectly hydrated, baby-soft skin—and let the lavender chamomile provide a calming environment before bed or naptime.

Hydrating Baby Lotion • Lavender Chamomile

Hydrating Baby Lotion

STEP 3: Set the Mood with Calming Spray

Spritz the nursery, linens, or clothing, allow time to dry, and let the natural, gentle scent of lavender chamomile do the rest! Gentle enough for baby skin with hydrating coconut water, soothing calendula, and nourishing sunflower seed oil. To safely apply to skin, spray into your hands and pat onto your baby's arms, legs, or chest.

Also great for you and your partner—just a spritz and the vibe is set!

Calming Spray • Lavender Chamomile

Calming Spray

STEP 4: Catch Some Zzz’s with Sleep Soul 

Calm, cozy, and ready to snooze! Set the speakers to Sleep Soul Music from Jhene Aiko for calming R&B lullabies. With options for a few minutes, a couple of hours, or up to a full night’s rest, Sleep Soul will keep your littlest loves dreamin’ all night long.

And once the kids are all settled and snug in their beds, we hope you enjoy the holiday in a way that makes your heart happy.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Team PROUDLY.