Moisture Layering Routine

A nourishing, moisture-rich ritual to soothe and soften your littlest love's skin and keep them glowing from head-to-toe.

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Step 1:

Apply all over body, arms and legs to promote perfectly hydrated, baby-soft skin - and let the lavender chamomile provide a calming environment.

Hydrating Baby Lotion

Shea Butter

An ultra-nourishing plant butter providing rich hydration and soothing dry skin.

Step 2:

Massage and lock-in loving moisture with a layer of silky-smooth, non-greasy oil - also nourishing for face and hair!

Nourishing Hair & Body Oil

Jojoba Oil

A premium oil that absorbs quickly while imparting long-lasting moisture.

Step 3:

Give those elbows, knees and stubborn dry or irritated spots some extra love with this rich, soothing balm - don't forget their bum!

All Over Balm

Mango Butter

A plant butter rich in vitamin C that creates a natural barrier and softens skin.

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