About Us

PROUDLY™ uplifts, inspires, and empowers communities of color by celebrating melanated skin. Welcome to a world made for us, by us and a home for you.

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Welcome to our family

From the moment our daughter Kaavia entered this world, we knew we’d teach her to embrace her skin—its beauty, power, wisdom, and magic. And that means caring for it with love. Inspired by our littlest love—and millions of other babies of color—we set out to build PROUDLY: Baby care for melanated skin, created for us and by us.

PROUDLY products are co-designed by a Dermatologist of Color, who studied and selected ingredients to nourish melanated skin. We’re proud to be a truly diverse team of doers, dreamers, change-makers and caretakers, each committed to reimagining today and transforming tomorrow.

Welcome to our family. We’re so happy you’ve found a home here.

With love,
The Wades

Our Mission

PROUDLY™ creates cleaner, functional baby care products specifically formulated to nourish all shades of melanated skin.

We are PROUDLY building a trusted, credible source of baby care information for families of color. We look forward to sharing our future charitable giving plan.

We are PROUDLY diversely-founded, owned, and operated.

We are PROUDLY celebrating the extra-specialness of all shades of melanated skin and of diverse families of color.

Our promise

We’ve PROUDLY MADE a line of products just for melanated babies because they deserve Extra-Special Stuff for Extra-Special Skin

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Our Values


PROUD to be diversely run

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Pamela Cholankeril




eCommerce & Digital Marketing Director

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Jennifer Betkolia

Senior Brand Marketing Manager

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Martin Ekechukwu

Chief Strategy Officer

picture of Avantha Arachchi

Avantha Arachchi

Chief operating officer

picture of DR. NAANA BOAKYE, MD, MPH


Dermatology Director

picture of Dr. Heather McGowan, MD

Dr. Heather McGowan, MD

Advising Pediatrician

picture of Shena Clarke

Shena Clarke

VP Creative Director

picture of Michael Evins

Michael Evins

Senior Designer

picture of Eliana Alcantar

Eliana Alcantar

Culture & Recruiting Manager

picture of Ellen Lee

Ellen Lee

Senior Creative Services Manager

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Ari Bloom

Board Member