Calming Spray

Your go-to baby whisperer to set a calming mood for bedtime, naptime, or that precious "you" time.
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with coconut water, calendula, and a natural, gentle scent to create a calming environment.

Why You'll Love It
This room and linen spray creates a calming environment for when your littlest love is ready for naptime or fussy. Spritz away to relaxationfinally.


dermatologist approved
natural fragrance

Ingredients We're Proud of
• Coconut Water
• Calendula
• Lavender & Chamomile

No Sketchy Stuff!™
✘ alcohol, parabens, PEGs, phthalates, synthetic fragrance

Lightly spray your littlest love’s nursery, sheets, or onesie and let dry to leave the light scent of calming lavender chamomile. Even gentle for baby’s skin, take a few sprays to your palms, rub hands together, and pat their arms, legs, and chest. Take a deep breath and savor the calm.

See Calming Wash Routine.

Calming Spray
Calming Spray
Calming Spray
Calming Spray
Calming Spray

Key Ingredients

Thoughtfully formulated with plant-based ingredients to set a calming mood for your littlest love (and you!) during bedtime or nap time.

Coconut Water

Coconut Water

A gentle carrier for a natural fragrance and when used topically, can be a light moisturizer for dry skin.

Coconut Water


An antioxidant rich flower to help relieve irritated, dry skin by increasing hydration and diminishing redness.

Coconut Water

Lavender Chamomile

A plant-powered, natural fragrance at a concentration gentle for babies to help calm the cries.