Kaavia’s Night Time Routine Ft. PROUDLY

Kaavia’s Night Time Routine Ft. PROUDLY

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To know Kaavia is to love her – even for those who merely know of her. How she's encouraged to march to the beat of her own drum and how she naturally makes the world around her a better, brighter, more fun place makes each of us love her more and more.

If you're an avid follower or internet auntie of hers, you may have seen snippets of Kaavia’s super exclusive nighttime routine that even your favorite celebrities don't have access to. We're giving you a sneak peek into her never-before-revealed nighttime routine here on The Village. 

"From the moment our daughter Kaavia entered this world, we knew we'd teach her to embrace her skin—its beauty, power, wisdom, and magic. And that means caring for it with love. Inspired by our littlest love—and millions of other babies of color—we set out to build PROUDLY: Baby care centering the needs of Black & Brown babies."

– Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade


Rub-a-dub-dub! The day is done, and it's time for Kaavia's bath. Days are long for the Shady Baby, so she depends on the calming effects of lavender chamomile in our Gentle Baby Wash. The gentle formula provides the right amount of cleansing power without stripping her beautiful skin of its natural moisture. 


For Kaavia, one moisture-rich product usually does the trick following a warm bath. Most commonly, she uses our Nourishing Oil while her skin is still damp, and after the oil is worked into her skin, she is hugged dry. For cold winter months or hot summer days after an afternoon in the swimming pool, she relies on our Moisture Layering Routine.


Now, for the most exclusive part of the evening – storytime. Not only does Kaavia choose the book, but she also decides who the narrator is. And sometimes, there are assigned seats! Talk about invite-only!

For more insight into what Kaavia is reading, check out our PROUDLY Library, featuring Black-authored children’s books.


Affirmations are a must day and night. Using our Baby Milestone + Affirmation Cards, Kaavia distributes the cards to her guests as she sees fit – introducing you when it's your turn to read the affirmation on the card you've been given and not a moment before. She will repeat the affirmation before choosing someone else to introduce, and the cycle continues.



It's time for bed. Once Kaavia's sheets are spritzed with our Calming Spray, she is tightly tucked into bed and snuggles up with her favorite stuffed animal friend Sealy.

💡Nanny Tip: If Kaavia needs a little extra help to settle for sleep, we also spritz her body with the Calming Spray!

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