The Importance of Ingredient Transparency Powered by ClearForMe

The Importance of Ingredient Transparency Powered by ClearForMe

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When we say our products are PROUDLY™ MADE, that includes thoughtful formulation and being as transparent as possible. We don’t gaslight with claims or hide away ingredients in catch-all terms. What you see is what you get—and of course, our Dermatologist and Pediatrician advisors have reviewed and approved each one to keep your worries away and our littlest loves safe. 

Ingredients are personal. It shouldn’t be difficult to understand what they are, how they work, why they’re in your products, etc. We know caretakers are checking our labels and referencing resources to learn more about ingredients and piece together what they feel is best for their littlest loves. We understand that and we’ve partnered with a company that understands that as well.

The First Baby Brand Powered by ClearForMe

Together, we’re setting a new baby standard. You want to know what’s in the products you use on your littlest loves and we’re bringing it to you––with clickable ingredients powered by ClearForMe

Now, when you navigate you’ll be able to click on any ingredient and receive trusted information on demand. You’ll get answers in real-time, with a 1-2 sentence user-friendly definition for all ingredients, even those pesky, hard-to-pronounce ones. 

No more running to the Internet to thumb through multiple tabs of differing information. You don’t have time for that (we know). Check out our demonstration below:


Products should be gentle, but they also need to work. We’re giving you, our PROUDLY Fam, the confidence you need to make the best decisions for your littlest loves––from the crowns on their heads to their adorable, tiny toes.

PROUDLY is proud to partner with a woman-of-color-founded organization like ClearForMe. To learn more about ClearForMe, continue reading below.

About ClearForMe

ClearForMe is changing the way the world consumes ingredient information, one click at a time. With more than 1.8 million ingredients in its database, ClearForMe stores fact-based information like ingredient functions and simple definitions you can understand in a fun, frictionless way. 

ClearForMe provides customers with the factual information needed to make informed and confident decisions. They continuously source facts from neutral and accredited organizations. Sources include: 

  • World Health Organization
  • National Institute of Health 
  • European Commission Database
  • Personal Care Products Council 
  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration