Our Pediatrician-Advised Bum Care Routine for a Dry, Healthy Bottom

Our Pediatrician-Advised Bum Care Routine for a Dry, Healthy Bottom

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This article has been medically reviewed by Heather McGowan, MD


When we say bum care is skincare, we mean it. And we’re developing products and routines to support that. We’ve created a thoughtful, moisturizing skincare ritual to help clean and protect your littlest love’s every curve and fold in three easy steps!

Step 1: CLEAN UP

While keeping one hand on your baby at all times, grab a moisturizing wipe and clean from front to back. Be sure to take extra care as our littlest loves can be sensitive to quick, harsh wiping. Don't forget the folds where the thigh meets the hip!

Our Gentle Touch Baby Wipes are 96%+ water with nourishing shea butter and soothing aloe vera enriching a thick wipe that is so luxurious it feels like cloth. Go ahead and add a few more packs to your cart because they’re great for messy bums, sticky hands, and food-splashed faces.


Apply a soothing diaper cream all over their little curves and creases to help create a barrier between their sensitive skin and the diaper.

Our Soothing Diaper Cream is formulated with a gentle, yet effective level of 14% zinc oxide plus hydrating sunflower seed oil and restorative rosehip oil to protect their littlest bums from irritation. Did you know that sensitive skin can be irritated by extra-strength diaper creams with 40% zinc oxide? That’s right! More isn’t always best for our littlest loves with sensitive skin.


Dress up your littlest love with the ultra-absorbent comfort of soft, plant-based fluff, a super-stretch waistband, and a shea butter moisture layer.

Even our Soft & Absorbent Diapers are designed with sensitive skin in mind with the softest materials and fibers enriched with refined shea butter for added comfort. The extra-long, double-leg cuffs help with an improved fit while your littlest love continues to move and groove.

PROUDLY TIP: since our double-leg cuffs are extra-long, be mindful that they are worn properly by fully flaring outward and wrapping around your baby’s curves or you may face a leak—and no one enjoys that!


Snag the complete routine in our Bum Care Trial Bundle—at under $20! And once you try and fall in love, come back for our Diapers & Wipes Subscription because the best value plus added convenience is just what every caretaker needs. Need to see more? Check out our Diaper Education page.